August Locks Bring Your Front Door Into the Current Century


Get Rid Of Your Keys

Have you ever needed to let someone in your house when you weren’t there?  Have you ever locked your keys in the house?  Have you ever had your hands full and wish that you didn’t have to put down your packages in order to find your keys and open your door?  Have you ever wanted to track when your family members have come in and out of the door?  August Lock cures all of those obstacles.

About two years ago I purchased and installed an August Lock on my house.  From that day until this I’ve loved it!  The August Lock was incredibly easy to install and setup on my iPhone.  Once setup I was able to issue “keys” to other friends and family members, either long term or short term.  I can then check the iOS app (also available on Droid) and see when each “key” accessed the house.

The premise is that the August Lock replaces the interior component of the deadbolt lock.  It works off bluetooth technology and senses when I’m close to do the door, it then automatically unlocks.  I can also open the app and control the lock.  I have mine setup to re-lock the door once I’m inside. With the August Connect, you can connect your August Lock to your WiFi and manage the lock via the internet.

There are a number of smart locks coming on the market now that August has made the concept more mainstream. I’ve checked a lot of them out and none of them seem to offer the level of options and features that I love in the August Lock.

August connects to IFTTT and has a number of applets available.  My favorite applet tied my August Lock to my HUE lights so that when I unlock the door, the lights then come on automatically.

The one complaint I do hear about the August Lock is that it is a bit bulky on the backside of your door.  The other issue is that you have to learn to not lock the handle lock and depend on the deadbolt solely.  Other than that, I haven’t had any complaints.


As I said, the August Lock is easy to install.  Recently Angel installed one for a client who ordered the Coldwell Banker Smart Home Staging Kit so that we could promote their home as a Smart Home.  Here’s her 1 minute installation video.

We have no business relationship with August.  They did not endorse nor commission this post or installation video.  We take no liability for the installation of the lock and you should consult the instructions before installing.  We do not warranty the device or it’s applications.


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