How To Find A Dogsitter in Fredericksburg, VA

When Jett Needed A Home

Recently Jennifer and I were going to get away for a few days and at the last minute realized that our daughters had plans of their owns, so Jett needed someone to hangout with for a few days. Honestly we have a number of friends that love our furry-baby, but imposing on them at the last minute didn’t seem like the best plan.  After speaking to a friend, we were turned on to  Rover is a match-making service for owners and dog sitters and dog walkers.

Enter Rover

Rover is a great site and the mobile app is awesome (I wish more apps were so well designed).  The premise is that it lets you review the profiles of various Walkers and Sitters in the area.  You get to preview the provider and then check their availability.  Their rates and fees are shown under the profile.  You can text or email with the provider to get a feel for who they are and your comfort level. One you choose one, the app walks you through the process of visiting their home and meeting them, introducing your K9 buddy.  The app lets you setup payment, keep up-to-date with the stay and more.

Jacob Is Awesome With Dogs

Based on the recommendation from a friend we contacted two local providers, one of which was Jacob.  He and his girlfriend were awesome!  They were very accommodating and have a great location in Fredericksburg.  During Jett’s stay, Jacob sent regular updates and photos of Jett playing and hanging out.

I’ve talked to a few other users and they’ve also had great experience with the service.

A Few Things To Remember

Rover lets you setup a profile on your puppy and give instructions to care provider about special needs, eating habits, walking customs, etc…  My Jett is pretty easy to care for and is super-friendly so it was easy to brag about him.  When I got his bag together, I portioned out the daily amount of food in individual plastic bags, rolled up his bedding, threw in some toys and a leash.  I wanted Jett to have some stuff from home and didn’t want the provider to have to worry about anything.

So, if you’re looking for a great sitter and service, give Rover a shot!

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