It’s Christmas in Fredericksburg, Virginia

A #FXBG Christmas!

Ok, so as I’m sitting and writing this it’s an unseasonable 70 degrees outside, but let’s not that get in the way of how amazing our little Fredericksburg, VA is at Christmas!  Yesterday Jennifer and I got a chance to go walk downtown for a few hours and all of my childhood excitement came back as I walked though the historic streets of the city.

I’m not going to lie, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I love the chance to hangout with my family, chill out while watching some good movies, eating everything in sight and giving a few gifts along the way. This year was a bit of a slow start for me with 1000 things going on, but walking downtown and looking in the shops which had been all dressed up for the holidays quickly broke the slump and put me solidly in the holiday mood!

Shop, socialize and relax

This year the city extended the curb-side parking from 2 hours to 4 hours which should be a good amount of time to make it in and out of the shops.  Grab some coffee at Hyperion Espresso, check out some great used and rare books at Riverby Books , eat dinner at Foode and then hit all of the speciality shops up and down the street.  As always, I love running into friends that I haven’t seen in awhile as they scurry about looking for the perfect gift.  Oh!  …and remember that Fredericksburg is very dog friendly.  Several stores have water outside for your furry-buddies and the Dog Krazy over at 307 Charles Street is awesome. If you’re looking for awesome stuff to do, FredericksburgParent has a fantastic list of holiday activities on their website.

I’m just a guy who loves life… I grew up in #FXBG, has raised a family here and who loves my home town. Together with my wife of over 20 years, 3 daughters and my golden retriever Jett. I love meeting and engaging new people, so feel free to connect with me!