Fredericksburg, VA Home Sellers Marketing Plan

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Telling Your Story in #FXBG

Every home and every home seller has a story.  At one time in the history of real estate the story was simply the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, now a very discerning buyer is looking for what makes your house different than every other.  It’s our responsibility, as your advocates, to promote your home in the best light using our strong background in marketing and communications.  Utilizing targeted marketing research, statistics and experience we know what buyers in Fredericksburg, VA are looking for when shopping for homes.  Below are some of the marketing resources we use to tell your story to the buyer looking to continue their own story in your home.

cbx-roundCBx is a proprietary tool available only to Coldwell Banker that utilizes data for a number of resources to build the persona of a buyer in our area. We utilize this information to form a unique marketing plan to tell your story. is one of the most visited website online for real estate. Our national website also has a unique feature that others do not. You, the seller, get to share directly with the buyer. You can post a letter to the buyers, your own photos or videos detailing your experience with your home and all that you've enjoyed about it. You get to share with the world what makes your home special.
youtube-roundVideo has become one of the most valuable communication tools for every market. Only 12% of Realtors use video in their marketing efforts. We use a combination of YouTube marketing, as well as videos on the most popular real estate websites.
mobile-round-bwOf course professional photography is critically important to getting the buyers to begin the love affair with your home. We utilize high-quality professional photography techniques to showcase your home. We know that 72% of buyers search for homes on their mobile devices. that means that in some cases they are looking at photos on a 10 inch retina screen. High definition quality photos are a must and we deliver! We will maximize and edit each photo to ensure color and lighting are perfect to engage the buyer.
home-round-bwOn top of all the effort we put into getting your listing in front of the buyers on the national real estate listing websites, we also want to try to attract buyers who are on Google searching for your home and we want to give you a way to easily showcase your home with a unique website dedicated just to your listing. Each of our listings get their own single listing website.
zillow-round-bwZillow is the leading website for buyers and has considerably more traffic than any other. We have a premium partnership with Zillow, which ensures that your home is given all of the benefits afforded by this platform with premiere positioning.
realtor-round-bwAfter to Zillow, is the next leading website for buyers to search for homes and like Zillow we have a premium marketing relationship. This premium relationship means that we have more features to offer on this platform than most other agents.
laptopIn addition to promoting you on Zillow and, our marketing system distributes your listing information to hundreds of other websites which will aid in promoting your home to qualified buyers.
carTalking House is a tool we use to engage those buyers who may not want to call and agent just yet. Our Talking House system is a sign in the front of your home with a unique number that a buyer can call to get a pre-recorded message that we design. If the buyer would like to see the home or get more information the system will forward them to us.
marketingpiecesUtilizing years of experience and formal training we create engaging and contemporary marketing and communication pieces that will put your house in the best possible light and engage a buyer in a way that few other agents can.
bookWe don't want to miss the opportunity to get your homes information into the hands of the buyers. We create a source of information for buyers who visit your home to leave with and review. The Home Books are packed with information about your home and the area. This helps to keep your home at the top of their minds.