Nest Secure Is A Great SmartHome Alarm System

Nest Secure Smart Home Security

In the world of technology five years is a long time so it is no surprise that I now find myself needing to replace some of the devices that I have installed in my home.  The replacement of my security system is the first such total system update. My current system works well enough, but has not seemed to keep up with some of the more current updates and features that other devices have.  After several months of researching and speaking to others who have installed new systems, I decided to go with the Nest Secure alarm system.

Why Nest Secure?

My requirements for the replacement system is pretty straightforward.  I did not wish to encumber the burden of monthly monitoring fees, as I wish to self-monitor through email notifications and alerts from the app.  I wanted something that worked in my current ecosystem and it needed to look nice. Most of the competing devices are clunky and already look like old tech.  Nest is a pretty nice with a sleek look to it and since the Nest Defense is going to be sitting out in the open, it should reflect a contemporary feel.

I spent a few months looking at online reviews and visiting stores looking at the various systems.  Nest Secure was always ahead of the rest for my setup.  As most of the reviews state it is pricey in comparison to the competitors, but the user experience was worth it.  It’s super easy to install and took me only about 20 minutes from unboxing to launch.

Here are some of the features  I like:

  • Self Monitored (there is a third party option for monitoring)
  • Fob of key tags so that we don’t have to enter a code all the time
  • Easy to use mobile app with a solid user interface
  • Works with existing Nest devices
  • Works with Google Assistant for voice control
  • Keypad
  • Motion sensors on keypad and all door/window sensors
  • Path lights that light up on keypad and sensors when you walk near
  • Doesn’t alert us with the movement of Jett (the Golden Retriever)
  • Separate keycodes for each family member so that we can keep track of who’s coming and going
  • Ability to set a schedule
  • Ability to turn off alarm temporarily for just one door at a time, for those puppy walks
  • 85 decibel alarm
  • Door tones
  • Works with existing smart home ecosystem
  • Very easy to install and setup

Here’s My Video Review