Online Virtual Tour Fredericksburg

The Online Tour of Historic Fredericksburg

There is no replacement for actually walking through the historic areas and beautiful buildings in Fredericksburg.  There are smells of old mortar, aged ivy and shrubbery that takes me back to my grade-school field trips and happy times of learning about what shaped our nation. However, when you’re looking for a quick brush up on certain historic areas of our you’re researching where you’d like to spend some time, than the free virtual tour of Fredericksburg on the site is outstanding. Fredericksburg, VA is full of a rich history and a deep involvement in the Civil War.  The battles of Wilderness, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg were the point of climax for the war between the North and South.  During the war, Fredericksburg was the disastrous home of the war with over 85,000 injuries and 15,000 killed.  Today Fredericksburg is a lively city, full of activities and families.  However, the history of the city is seen at every corner. If you’d like to take an amazing interactive online tour of some of the significant historic sites, check out this 360 tour.  It’s well worth the time, as it has video explanations, old photographs, maps, 360 degree maps and land markers.  Visit the site and take a look!  Even if you’re not a Civil War enthusiast, you’ll enjoy getting to know Fredericksburg.

Contents in the Website

The website for Fredericksburg tours the Chatham Manor, River Crossing, Fight For The Town, Sunken Road, Slaughter Pen and Prospect Hill. You can see a 360 degree virtual tours, complete with photos, descriptions and videos of the Park Service explain portions of the historic issue, such as the one below:

Online Virtual Tour Fredericksburg

It’s an exceptionally well done website with lots of great information and a good overview of the town and it’s historical roots. Click the graphic below to get started! 712x800xFredericksburg_civil_war_tours-712x800.png.pagespeed.ic_.AdnX1qYRxT.jpg

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