The Fredericksburg, VA Library – Central Rappahannock

The Fredericksburg Library

I still recall the smell of musty old books stacked high in the rooms rich with shadows and full of hard-backed adventures waiting to be read.  I’m a nerd.  I never argued that point and when I was young, going to the library was always an adventure.  There were so many things to look at.

I remember the excitement of getting issued that little brown card with the silver metal piece that had my number stamped it in.  I recall watching the librarian stamp the return date in the little white card and then slipping it back in the beige pocket in the front cover.

I remember going with my mom to get books and coming home with a projector screen, 8mm video projector and a movie or two.  Loading it up in the basement and watching two or three times before taking it back.

I always found some new treasure at the library.  As time passed, we borrowed betamax movies, then VHS, DVDs and now Blue-Rays.  All of those digital media elements changed, but each time I still walked out with a good old fashioned book under my arm.  Regardless of the media, I loved the stories that those old buildings held.

The Fredericksburg Region has been blessed with the vision and innovation of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.  Now, there are new and modern buildings all over the region as part of the library network.

I’ve visited most of them and have always been impressed with the helpfulness of their staff and resources that each location holds.  I still like to pop into the original headquarters downtown just for nostalgia’s sake, but I most often take the family to the local branch.

Some New Tools

As much as I enjoyed going into the library and discovering new things, I’m also enjoying the convince of the mobile app and website.  The Central Rappahannock Library system is pretty awesome.  My particular favorite is the ability to check out emagazines, ebooks and audio-books on my iPad.

The library also has a number of events and I’ve found the best way to keep up, is to download the quarterly newsletter from their website.

What are your memories from the library?  When was the last time that you visited and checked out adventures?

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