Fredericksburg ActivitiesOutdoor life October 1, 2020

Sunshine Baseball Park in Fredericksburg Virginia

Let’s Play Ball In #FXBG!

Some of my favorite memories as a little kid was little league baseball!  The sportsmanship, the competition, and the fun that one can have while learning and playing baseball is a great experience for kids. And let’s face it, kids could use a lot more outside and exercise time.

Recently I got a chance to visit the Sunshine Baseball stadium while hiking the Quarry Trail right next door in the City.  It’s beautiful!  This is one of the nicest little league fields I’ve ever seen.

I’ve added a virtual tour of one of the two fields below, as well as a tour of the facilities near the field.  The covered dugouts and artificial turf fields are very well maintained. Next door there is a  playground for the younger kids and an Education Building for activities other than playing ball.  The Education Building has a computer center and other resources for scientific study as well as a deep-sea exploration experience as part of the Jason Project . There are also restroom facilities at the park.

While I was visiting there were no active games being played and yet there were still a lot of families enjoying this beautiful park, playing with their puppies, throwing frisbees, and hiking or biking on the trails all around. (There is a bike repair station at the park as well).

The park originated from an initiative of the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and continues to be maintained and cared for by the efforts of the Sunshine Ballpark Foundation.  This park is a great reflection of the giving nature of people in the Fredericksburg area and of the efforts of our local volunteers.

Go play some ball!